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This is my favorite photo of Pete and Maura Kennedy (www.kennedysmusic.com). I took it at the 2004 Summer Acoustic Music Week. They have been wonderful and inspiring teachers. For a full resolution (2.2Meg) version of the photo, click here.

This page contains some of the newest songs that I have written and roughly recorded.

I've got some catching up to do with songs I wrote, or finished, in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. That's a lot of catching up to do.

'Twas the Night Before ROM (2013). This is a parody of "Twas the Night before Christman" and is another trubute to Neal and the ROMulins.

Selfie From Heaven (2013).

Date an Atheist (2013).

Drone Force Song (2013). This is a parody of "Wild Blue Yonder", the Air Force song. Here's a link to the official video.

Friends (2013). After 40 years of marriage it's about time that I wrote a song for my wife. Well here is the recording of "Friends" at SAMW in August 2014. The excellent dynamics is courtesy of The Kennedys performance class. Here's the video of a performance at ROM.

Proud to be a ROMulin. (2013). Recorded live at ROM. This is a tribute to Neal and the Rest of the ROMulins.

Southeast Passage (2013). This was performed "accapulco" at the 2014 Summer Acoustic Music Week. Here's the recording.

Boston Strong. (2013). Recorded for the Boston Strong Benefit CD.

Ellen Schmidt--the Godmother of Folk. (2013).

The Path That I'm Not On. (2013).

Neal on the Run. (2013). This is a tribute to Neal Braverman, and, of course, a parody of Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run".

Passwords. (2009).

You and I (for Jerry Wasserman). (2013).

Plymouth Rock. (2011).

Little Fish. (2012).

Follow the Heart. (2013).

Patience is a Virtue. (2004, but finished in 2013).

Three Ghosts. (2008).

Merrymount at Rest. (2009)

Sperm Dad (But is this love?). (2010).

Climate Change is People My Friend. (2012).

New Shotgun Blues. (2013).

Barbie Ellen. (2002).

Zingers and Sound Bites and Lies. (2012).

Neponset River Eels. On my "Boston Harbor" CD. (2012).

Watching the Elections is, of course, a parody of the Elvis Costello song, "Watching the Detectives". (2011).

Back in the Day of Whitey is totally fiction. I have to say this so that Whitey Bulger won't have someone whack me. On my "Boston Harbor" CD.

My Kitty's On Prozac was a collaborative effort. The original set of lyrics was by Ilene Springer and the chord progression was by Barry Spiro. I took the two and mushed them together, writing some additional lyrics to make it work. Ilene's kitty is Sophie, and some of her story is true, but the rest is fiction. This recording is with Ken Porter. There's also a video of a different performance.

Green Team was written for a bridal shower at work for Chris Figura, to the tune of "Green Green". Chris works on the Green Team.

Delaney's Reel is a tune that got stuck in my head. I had to record it so I could move on.

Island Love for Jen and Kevin's wedding shower. lyrics.

Barry's Smile for Barry Spiro's 60th Birthday. lyrics.

Fired Up! I'm calling this a co-write with Edith Childs and Barack Obama. This is a real rough recording.

I WISH YOU WOULD STOP SINGINGJoined by Kathy Danielson and Tom Maynard, I honored the SAMW community with a parody of "How Can I Keep From Singing", which I learned years back from Pete Seeger. I was blessed that the audience was willing to not refrain from singing the refrain. Here's a recording and the lyrics.

The Song Goes On Forever--a real rough recording of a very new song using "synthetic instruments".

Drill Baby Drill. This was inspired by the 2008 Republican National Convention. Kind of makes me want the gas prices to go up again.

You Cannot Control the Wind. A real rough recording. This was inspired by a plaque in Persy's restaurant in Plymouth, MA.

To Sleep To Dream. This was the second version of an attemp to write a "mostly chorus" song, inspred by Cliff Eberhardt's "Your Face".

Play Audio Download FileThis song has been greatly improved by some skillful editing by Noel Morris, so it's now a co-write. Thank you Noel! Hopefully this song speaks for itself. It's an attempt to connect with my Irish ancesters.

Bhopal--Shadows of Death (On the Evening News CD)Download FileThis song began in the Penny Nichols songwriting class at Week 2 SAMW 2007. It was inspired by a wrought iron sculpture of two figures holding hands and their shadows on the ground. It was made to raise money for the survivors of the Union Carbide Bhopal, India disaster.

Play AudioDownload FileThis was directly inspired by a dream. So, thank you to The Kennedys for helping me mine my dreams for song material. The band is courtesy of "Band in a Box".

Old Wooden Chair (On the Evening News CD)Download FileThis song is an homage to the old wooden chair that disassembled beneath me at breakfast at SAMW in August, and of course, to SAMW and all my friends I've met there.

With Somebody NewDownload FileThis song goes out with a thank-you to The Kennedys. They helped me dream and this song's title, chord progression, and song style (bluegrass) came to me in a dream on 8/21/07. This rough recording is performed by my friends at "Band in a Box", except for the vocal and mandolin.

Other World EveDownload FileI'm calling this a co-write with Bob Franke (www.bobfranke.com) and Pete and Maura Kennedy (www.kennedysmusic.com) because it takes some lyrics and thoughts from The Kennedy's song "Stand", and sets it to the tune of Bob Franke's "Thanksgiving Eve". It's a tribute to Pete and Maura, Bob, Dick Pleasants, Bennett and Lorraine Hammond, all the SAMW instructors, students, and my music friends. The recording is from Week 2 of SAMW 2007. 

Keep Going This is very rough. It is inspired by a Harriet Tubman quote. I'm posting it here as part of the SongADay2007 challenge.

Noble DaisyDownload FileThis was written for MF Daisy (www.SalonSunday.com) on the occasion of the final Salon Sunday. MF has had a significant impact on my music the last few years.

Bill Had A PlanDownload File This was written for Bill Andruchow's retirement party, It really captures his style. We will miss him.

Another Knock on the Door (On the Evening News CD)Download FileHopefully this song needs no explanation. It was inspired by a story on NPR.

The following songs were inspired, or finished up, during a song-writing class with Pete and Maura Kennedy:

Dreaming to WriteDownload FileI have yet to pull off a lucid dream. But at least I got this song from the process of attempting to dream lucidly.

First DayDownload FileCo-write with Maura Kennedy. This was inspired by a dream that Maura Kennedy had. Then I came up with a lot of the song during a directed meditation that Maura led. The phrase “resisting a cough” came from Maura’s dream.

I Cried Like a ManDownload FileThis was such a powerful title that it took two tries to come up with a song that had a hope of living up to the title.

Grandma Guide My HandDownload FileInspired by a story Chris Pahud told me about his daughter Emily and how she was sewing to put herself through college.

Play Audio New "studio" version, recorded March 2007.

Mando SlutDownload File(Recorded at the August 2006 Summer Acoustic Music Week with "two Johns"...John Kirk and Jack Murray.) 



Img1.png"Bud Sings


Here are the songs on the CD "1-800-CONFESS":



For Marilyn (For Marilyn Rae Beyer) Download File    

Half of My BrainDownload File

The HunkDownload File

I'm Changing My Name to DOT.COM (parody of "I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler" by Tom Paxton)Download File

I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy (performed "with" Maura Kennedy)Download File

I Remember BlueDownload File

Low CarbDownload File

Management Things (Parody of "My Favorite Things" by Oscar Hammerstein and Richart Rodgers)Download File

Michael Sing Your Boat (for Michael Troy)Download File

My First SongDownload File

Peace Through WarDownload File

Singer-Songwriter ConsultantDownload File

Terror Rainbow (Parody of "I Can Sing a Rainbow" by Arthur Hamilton)Download File

Tofu, the Vegan Killer WhaleDownload File

My newest roughly recorded songs are on the NEW SONGS page.

A list of most of my songs is on the SONG LIST page.

Here's a complete list of my songs. Let me know which ones you want on my web page.

dimoon.jpgFull Moon Over Deer Island


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