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I LOVE to play mandolin. I will play mando with anyone, anytime, anywhere. I love it so much, that I have earned the monikers "Mando Slut" and "Mandolaney".

mando picture1.png(by Ken Porter)                                                                               (by Bryce Flynn)

7/5/19: I had a great time playing mando with Junko Ogawa, Rick Goggin, and Miki Matsuki at Quincy Farmers Market.

Junko, Rick, and Miki

6/12/19: "The Tritones" (Karen Sauer, Chris Lee, and me) were busking at the Adams National Historic Side, "Old House at Peace Field".

The Tritones

6/10/19: I was honored that the talented singer songwriter Tom Smith asked me to play mando on his new song, "My Pennsylvania Heart". For me, it was spur of the moment and I'm glad it came out so well. Here's the recording.

Chip Canty

6/25/18: I was honored to join Chip Canty on stage at ROM with Charlie, Ken, and John. I don't have a recording, and i don't remember what we played, but i do remember that it was fun.

4/23/18: Rick Goggin asked me and Junko Ogawa to join for his song "Ride On" at ROM. Here's the video: "Ride On" by Richard Goggin

2/26/18: Chris Lee asked Charlie Ortolani and me to join him on his song, "Funny How Life Works Out That Way" at ROM. Here's the video.

5/30/16: I was excited to plan "Mandolin Man" with the song's singer and songwriter, Jim Palana. Here's the recording.

6/9/14: Here's a video of Ilene Springer's song, "Gotta Be Brave" at ROM.

4/14/14: Here a ROM soundcheck video with Frand Ruzzano, playing his song, "Waiting For You".

9/9/13: Ob-La-Di - Neal Braverman and the ROM Band: Here's a live video at Roslindale Open Mike. Charlie, Ken, and I got together to back up Neal on this Beatles song. What a blast!

2/13/12: Here's a live recording at Roslindale Open Mike. John Boehmer asked me on the spur of the moment to play Michael Troy's song "Romancing the Moon" with him. I'm pleased with how it came out.

1/18/11: And I would be remiss if I didn't include "Mandolaney" by Barry Spiro. Here's a recording at Roslindale Open Mike.

5/21/10: Here's a video of Harriet Hart playing "Love Chooses You" at the Java Jo's Reunion.

Recorded mandolin with:

  • New England Weather (www.neweather.com), "A Little Sun; A Little Rain", includes mando on several songs, including "Mando Tango".
  • Angela Marseglia of New England Weather (www.neweather.com) ("Here To Stay")
  • Kathy Danielson of New England Weather (www.neweather.com) ("Indestructible Man" and "I'm Coming Home") 
  • Peter Reilly (www.peterjreilly.com), "Latent Image". (7 songs)
  • Ilene Springer: 3 studio songs on "Matter of Time" and several live tracks on "Let My Love Be Beautiful" and "Gotta Be Brave" and "Gotta be Brave" (again) and "Spectrum of Colors" on "Got to Be Brave".
  • Bill Duncan: "For Gale" on Bill's CD.
  • Patti DeRosa: Two songs on Patti's live CD, "Packing My Bags: Patti D Live".

In performances I've accompanied many folks on mandolin, including: Guy Davis! and also Gene Albert, Marc Albert, Rob Allen, Joey Ammo, Jeffrey Benson, Marc Douglas Berardo, Richard Berman, Roland Blair, Neal Braverman, Camille Breeze, Mike Brier, John Boehmer, Wayne Brunell, Bluebird Junction (Marie Duprey, Michael Ross, Allen and Gail Wiegner), Liz Buchanan, Chip Canty, Brian Cartwright, Kevin Champney, Nicole Charbani, Chris Connors, Rick Cooper, Dave Crossland, MF Daisy, Jackie Damsky, Kathy Danielson, Graham and Barbara Dean, Patti DeRosa, Beth DeSombre, Rick Direnzio, Jimmy Dorr, Bill Duncan, Ana Eder-Mulhane, Rick Fetters, Samantha Fishbein, Allegra Fletcher, Steve Folino, Karen Gault, Chris Gerstner, Rick Goggin, Jenn Goldson, Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee, Livio Guardi, Sarah and Scott Guild, Trina Hamlin, Andy Hanly, Harriet Hart, Terence Hegarty, Kathy Hoben, Tom Irving, Carlyn Hutchins, David Jackson, Walter Jonas, Dorothea Juno-Johnston, Ken Keller, Julia Kelly, Jake Kensinger, Terry Kitchen, Michael Kramer, Emma and Randall Kromm, Late Bloomers (Randy Browning and Brett Kinney), Chris Lee, Paul Lee, Andrew Lewis, Ed Loechler, Darwin MacDonald, Gordon MacFarland, Angela Marseglia, Lisa Martin, Terence Martin, Angela Masciale, Miki Matsuki, Tom Maynard, Jim McCarthy, John McHugh, Rae Ann McLanahan, Jack Melody, Jack Merserve, Jerry Mogul, Miranda Moore, Grace Morrison, Suzanne Mrozak, Jack Murray, Judi Neal, Patricia Nedder, Rob Norberg, Junko Ogawa, John Olivere, Charlie Ortolani, Chris Pahud, Jim Palana, John Parriott, Andrew Petit de Mange, Ken Porter, Bethany Powhida, Mary Pratt, Matt Procius, Brian Quealey, Steve Rapson, Peter Reilly, Chris Ricco, Frank Ruzanno, Gerry Ryan, Chrissy Sand, Satoru of the Tokyo Tramps, Karen Sauer, Ellen Schmidt, Ken Selcer, Dan and Faith Senie, Paul Shaheen, Sally Sisto, Karen Sklany-Gault, Tom Smith, Kevin So, Craig Sonnenfeld, Tyler Souza, Barry Spiro, Steve Spungin, Steve Straight, Chris Thompson, Jeff Todd, Michael Troy, Two for the Show, Bo Veaner, Bob Voges, Sandra Waddock, Jon Waterman, Linda Wheeler, Don White, Chris Wilhelm, Chuck Williams, Mike Williams, Karen Woodhall, King Yee, Jess Yoakum, and John Zaia.

samw week 2 2006 2421.jpg

Mando songs I have written:

  • Mando Tango Download File(From the New England Weather CD.)
  •   Mando Slut (A recent recording.)
  • G'DAE AIDA (My backup mandolin is made by AIDA and the tuning of a mandolin (from low to high) is G-D-A-E. G'DAE is pronounced "g'day".)

9/8/07 - With Michael Troy at the JP Unplugged Concert Series (Photo by Jess Yoakum)


With Michael Troy at the JP Unplugged Concert Series (Photo by Jess Yoakum)

8/27/06: MANDO SLUT was performed at the 2006 Week 2 of WUMB's Summer Acoustic Music Week, with the able assistance of TWO JOHNS (John Kirk on Fiddle, and Jack Murray on Guitar). To hear the recording, click HERE.

mando slut 2.png"The Mando Sluts" (Mike with John Kirk and Jack Murray) (Photo by Karen Woodhall.)

9/26/05 - I was honored to be asked to play a song on mandolin with the amazing Guy Davis (www.guydavis.com) at the Boston Folk Festival this past weekend. Guy is so special and gracious. I love him!  


Unfortunately my Mando Slut page on myspace: www.myspace.com/MandoSlut has been taken offline. I guess the "Slut" moniker was offensive to someone.)


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