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Download the official poster here (by Sue Petersen).

The debut, and final, performance of OMTM will be at Roslindale Open Mike on December 11, 2017. I've posted the songs and dialog here so that performers can learn their parts. See below for the Dialog, Synopsis, Schedule, and Cast Notes.

Song Order for the performance:

  1. Overture (recording) Not done yet. Lyrics.
  2. I Wish by Alla Boutme. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  3. What Will I Play? by Open Mike (that’s me!). Lyrics. ROM.
  4. “Three Chairs” to the Setup Crew. Lyrics. MP3. ROM. Video.
  5. Welcome - Opening Announcements (Ode to Deal Makerman). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  6. Welcome, Newbies! by Deal Makerman. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  7. Redd Planet (spoken word). Lyrics. MP3.
  8. The “WOO” people. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  9. The Scary Poet (spoken word). Lyrics.
  10. Must Be Donald. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  11. 'Twas the Night Before ROM. Lyrics. ROM.
  12. Mandolaney by Smiley Spirals. MP3.
  13. Wrong Guitar (duet) by She and He. Lyrics. MP3.
  14. Harmony (duet) by She and He. Lyrics. MP3.

Chummy Notes-Aplenty plays a song right here...then he’s joined on the stage by Open Mike (that's me!)

  1. Oh, No, It’s a Banjo! by Chummy Notes-Aplenty (Chummy and Open Mike). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  2. I Love Open Mike (a side story) by Alla Boutme. (the band). Lyrics. MP3.ROM.
  3. 95% (of what open mikers say is wrong) (the band). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  4. Pass the Hat (the band). Lyrics. MP3.
  5. I’m the Banger (Open Mike Archetypes) (the band). Lyrics. ROM.
  6. Closing Song: The Song Goes On Forever) (the band). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.

<<<The Feature is the end of OMTM, though the Open Mike goes on (forever).>>>

Cast Notes are here.

Dialog is here.

Schedule is here.

Synopsis is here.

OMTM poster
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