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Img123.png(Photo by Dave Trahan)

SAMW is WUMB's Summer Acoustic Music Week. I've been attending this "band camp" since 1997 and the instructors and students have helped me find my musical voice--literally and figuratively. I'm going to record various things about SAMW on this page. SAMW was begun, nurtured and sustained by Dick Pleasants, Bob Franke, and Lorraine Hammond. They are gods in my life! Over the years I have also been profoundly affected by Bennett and Lorraine Hammond, Pete and Maura Kennedy, Joel Mabus, Kim and Reggie Harris, Guy Davis, Rev. Robert Jones, Cliff Eberhardt, Mark Cosgrove, Martin Grosswendt, Anne Hills, Rich DelGrosso, and many, many others.

SAMW is where I met the folks who let me join their song circle, and eventually formed the "band" New England Weather (www.neweather.com): Kathy and Mike Danielson, Angela Marseglia, Tom Maynard, Ken Porter, and Greg Hodgson.

Pictured at the top of the page is the Chapel in the Pines where all the concerts, open mikes, and dances occur. At night, the only time it is quiet, you can hear the natural reverberance. It is magic.

samw week 2 2006 240.png

Pictured above is the Inn. The porch of the Inn is the location of the most wonderful jams every evening and often during the day. 

9/4/14: Here are my SAMW August 2014 highlights. At the student concert I played "Friends", a tribute to my wife of 41 years, Joan. Here's the lyrics. The dynamics in this song were the result of The Kennedys performance class. See, I was paying attention.

I also played with Barry Spiro, here is his SAMW song,"Means to an End".

I played with Ken Porter, Bo Veaner, and Rick Wood on Bo's clever arrangement of an interleaving of "I'll Be Back" and "Stand By Me". Here it is...it really came out special.

Rich DelGrosso's Blues Mandolin class performed "On the Road Again". Here's the recording. It was a lot of fun.

9/3/13 - Here's my SAMW 2013 student concert performance. I wrote "Southeast Passage" in July 2013, inspired by all the days I sat jammed in traffic trying to get home from work going south across Boston. It's a parody of Stan Roders' "Northwest Passage". Here's the recording and the lyrics.

August 2012 - I dedicated my SAMW 2012 student concert performance to Richard Mungo who passed in 2012. Richard loved to jam, perhaps even as much as me, and I think "Old Wooden Chair" was a fitting rememberance.

9/1/11 - Here's a bunch of pimentos from the August 2011 edition of SAMW. First, my student concert performance was with Barry Spiro. I wrote a parody of a Joel Mabus song, now called "Hopelessly SAMW". Here is the recording and the lyrics. Next, I had the pleasure of having The Kennedy's Harmony Class work up harmonies to my song, "The Song Goes on Forever", which is a tribute to The Kennedys, Dave Carter, and Beth DeSombre. Here is the class recording and the lyrics. Next it was a joy to play "12th Street Rag" in Joel Mabus' intermediate mandolin class. Here's the student concert performance.

4/1/11 - Did you catch The Kennedy's epic TV movie series. It's great to see such a deserving couple get such notoriety.

The Kennedys epic movie event

Here's a nice picture of me with Linda Wheeler and Jack Murray at SAMW, Augusts 2009:


Vocal Harmony Class, August 2009. Here's the class performance of HELP! led by The Kennedys.

I WISH YOU WOULD STOP SINGING, August 2009. Joined by Kathy Danielson and Tom Maynard, I honored the SAMW community with a parody of "How Can I Keep From Singing", which I learned years back from Pete Seeger. I was blessed that the audience was willing to not refrain from singing the refrain. Here's a recording and the lyrics.

mike delaney with kathy danielson and tom maynard at samw august 2009.jpg            (Photo by Dan Senie.)

SAMW 2009...is James Kreuger the vision of a young Mike Seeger? Remarkable!

young mike seeger.jpgmike-seeger2.png

(Mike Seeger photo from: http://iaanhughes.wordpress.com/2009/07/30/the-true-vine/)

SAMW 2009 Rev. Robert Jones' Harmonica Class, featuring Ian's train on video:


BENNETT and LORRAINE, August 2008: Here is my tribute to Bennett and Lorraine Hammond. I wrote new lyrics to the old standard "Sweet Lorraine". The live video is about 3 minutes in. It was filmed by Pedro Ribiero from Portugal. The MC was Cece Borjeson. Included in the performance are Ken Porter on percussion, Rick Wood on upright bass, and Bruce Jones--performance artist! Here is the video...and it's also here in higher resolution... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g7wKNT5NjU


8/27/06 - "I'D LIKE TO BE MIKE DELANEY" by Bob Franke and performed by "The Wannabees" (Pete and Maura Kennedy) on dueling ukuleles. I'm back from WUMB's Summer Acoustic Music Week, and what a week it was. The highlight for me was a response to my song "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy". I was totally surprised by the honor. An MP3 of performance is HERE. How many people can say that they have a song about them written by Bob Franke (www.bobfranke.com) and performed by the Kennedys (www.kennedysmusic.com)?


"The Wannabees" (Maura and Pete Kennedy) with Mike. (Photo by Peter Bortolotti).


Mike's Student Concert Performances: The student concert culminates a week of fun and learning. For the last few years I've decided what I was going to play at the student concert months well in advance of camp.

2014: "Friends", a tribute to my wife of 41 years, Joan. Here's the lyrics. The dynamics in this song were the result of The Kennedys performance class. See, I was paying attention.

2013: "Southeast Passage", inspired by all the days I sit jammed in traffic trying to get home from work going south across Boston is a parody of Stan Roders' "Northwest Passage". Here's the lyrics. It's the first time I've performed solo "accapulco".

2012: "Old Wooden Chair", in tribute to Richard Mungo. Here's the lyrics.

2011: Hopelessly SAMW. Joined by Barry Spiro, here's a parody of Joel Mabus' song, "Hopelessly Midwestern" to honor, Joel, all the SAMW instructors, and expecially Dick Pleasants. The lyrics are here.

2010: "Come On Up to the Inn". Joined by Beth DeSombre, Kathy Danielson, Ken Porter, and Rick Wood, I honored Dick Pleasants with a paraody of Tom Waits' song "Come On Up to the House", which I heard by Sarah Jarosz.

2009: "I WISH YOU WOULD STOP SINGING". Joined by Kathy Danielson and Tom Maynard, I honored the SAMW community with a parody of "How Can I Keep From Singing", which I learned years back from Pete Seeger.

2008: "Bennett and Lorraine" (parody of Sweet Lorraine) for Bennett and Lorraine Hammond, with Ken Porter, Rick Wood, and visual artist Bruce Jones. Here's the live recording and there's even a video.

2007: "Other World Eve", what I'm calling a co-write with Bob Franke (www.bobfranke.com) and Pete and Maura Kennedy (www.kennedysmusic.com), is a parody/mash up of Bob Franke's "Other World Eve" and The Kennedy's "Stand" in tribute to Bob, Pete, and Maura. Here's the live recording and lyrics.  

2006: "Mando Slut", performed with fellow mando sluts (two Johns!) Jack Murray and John Kirk (www.johnandtrish.com). Here's the live recording and lyrics.

2005: "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy" speaks for itself. Pete and Maura Kennedy (www.kennedysmusic.com) were awesome, and such good sports. I surprised them with this song, and Maura surprised me by jumping on stage and bopping along with the song. Pete and Maura embody what is truly special and spritual about music. Namaste!  MP3 LyricsVideo by Rob Halper (WMV, 5 Mb) (WMV, 1Mb). Photos by Sandra Waddock (JPG) and Graham Walker (JPG).

2004: "Colonoscopy"

2003: "1-800-CONFESS"

2002: ???

2001: "I'm Changing My Name to DOT.COM" (parody of I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler, by Tom Paxton.)

2000: "For Marilyn" (For Marilyn Rae Beyer)

1999: "Movie of My Life", by Susan Werner

1998: "Meanies", by Jim Infantino

1997: "You Rule", by Jim Infantino

Here are two anti-war songs by Barry Spiro that are on the Neil Young Living With War Today web page:

War War What's It For - by Barry Spiro

The Boys Are Going To War - by Barry Spiro 

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