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Dreaming to Write

Mike Delaney


(Inspired by my dreams and empowered by The Kennedys)

I relive the same st= ory

On many a night=

I’m sure you&#= 8217;ve had that dream too

Scary and gory<= /o:p>

It gives me a fright=

And comes back despi= te what I do


I’m being purs= ued

To be beaten or loot= ed

By thugs who are out= on parole

But I vanquish the b= ad dudes

‘Cause my drea= ms are lucid

Giving me total cont= rol



Sleeping to dream; Dreaming= to write

Lucid by day; More l= ucid at night

It’s still fine if you force them to rhym= e

As long as you’re dreaming to write<= /o:p>


So come on all that&= #8217;s evil

When you try to hurt= me

I will joyfully drea= m right along

Watch out you rivals=

I’ll dream up a banshee

And you will get you= rs in my song





This bridge didnR= 17;t come from my sleeping

I made it up wide aw= ake

You might say that I= ’m cheating

Up yours! Give me a = break!




Verse rhyme scheme: = ABC ABC

Chorus: AA B-B A

Bridge:  ABAB