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Another Knock on the Door

Mike Delaney


(not inspired by my dreams, but at least = it has doorways in it)



Another knock on the door=

Another knock—and one more

We still wonder what for<= /p>

While there’s—another knock on the = door

Another knock on the door<= /b>

Another knock on the door<= /b>


Mom and dad, sit on the patio

No TV, and no radio

Sun sets, there’ s one thing that goes unsaid<= o:p>

Crickets chirp, lilacs in the air

A good life, except for one big care

Dusk falls, then it’s early off to bed




They pass, through t= he living room

Their marine, in his= uniform

Smiles from, his pic= ture up on the wall

They know, the limo won’t arrive

This night, their so= n is still alive

Quickly, to their be= droom down the hall




They sleep, in only = fits and starts

Aching, they both ha= ve breaking hearts

Not sure, if they wi= ll ever get him back

They hear, each and = every creak

They fear, but they = do not speak

They know, it’= s now daytime in Iraq




Capo 5:

Vamp: Em C D


Em C D

Em C D


C D Em

C D Em


Em G D Am D Em