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For Mike Delaney's Lab Consulting page...go here.

For the pandemic, I've been playing at the virtual Roslindale Open Mike and Catbird Open Mike, and posting my performances on my YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/folkmikedelaney

PERSIST - RESIST - 2020: My year of persisting and resisting was successful as we won the super-critical 2020 election and then went on to win the two Georgia Senate Elections. You can see all my weekly contribution of songs, videos, essays, and unlaundered chicanery (aka dirty tricks) on my PERSIST web page.


The 2020 national election will probably be the most important election in my lifetime—it's super-critical. The country has gone off the rails over the past three years and it's time to get us back on track. In addition to ousting the totally incompetent orange menace from the White House, we must take back the Senate and retain the House. I'm kicking off a final, full year of persisting and resisting, one year before the election. Each week I will post a song, video, and/or an essay. It will include some unlaundered chicanery (aka dirty tricks). See my PERSIST web page or on Facebook, I'm at www.facebook.com/folkmikedelaney. Join me in a year of Persisting and Resisting from now until the 2020 Election. My contributions and efforts in this campaign are on my "Persist" web page.


jail to the chief


For Mike Delaney's Lab Consulting page...go here.


2020-2023: Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) is going strong virtually. Details on all things ROM are at www.roslindaleopenmike.org.

2019. Here are a bunch of videos...

You can see a bunch of my videos at http://www.youtube.com/folkmikedelaney.

Songs Written or Performed in 2019:

The Elements by Tom Lehrer, performed with Karen Sauer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYqwGyomNlQ

When You Were No One by Rick Goggin, performed with Karen Sauer and Chris Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq-LHo9hmPU

Run Hide Fight (for Randy Howell). with Karen Sauer and Chris Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkalL0NhbRA

Deep Genes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3avx-jsk9Q&t=137s

The Only Dad I Ever Knew, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJPRPmpk44c

Trump Wrestles Iran video. A "shallow fake". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8y4xU3Rjms

Back in the Day of Whitey, with Charlie Ortolani and Ken Porter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-PJfom1noo

Farming the Sea. with the ROMulins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH0dMi69mQA

I Remember Blue, with Karen Sauer and Chris Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=717DaIBdEqU&t=35s

Pocahontas (parody of Neil Young song). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMmPrn-i5Ck

Trump-Gazi, with the ROMulins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMmPrn-i5Ck

Wasn't That a Mighty Storm - parody for Hawaii Hurricanes. No Video. Here's the audio of the performance at ROM with Chris Lee, Charlie Ortolani, and Ken Porter.

Chris Lee ROM Feature, with Karen Sauer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMmPrn-i5Ck

Crossing the Bar, with Karen Sauer and Chris Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s_iaQ-wgvU

Songs Written Just Before My Retirement in July 2018:

Open Mike – The Musical. https://youtu.be/_1YL-TX3rw0

Pacing the Rage (Parody of “Pacing the Cage” by Bruce Coburn). https://soundcloud.com/folkmikedelaney/pacing-the-rage

I Wish You Would Stop Singing (Parody of “How Can I Keep from Singing” by Pete Seeger). https://youtu.be/lwLmgEufdY0

Who’s Going to Say “No” Now? (for the retiring MWRA COO). https://soundcloud.com/folkmikedelaney/whos-gonna-say-no-now

I had to write my own damn retirement song (for my retirement). https://soundcloud.com/folkmikedelaney/i-had-to-write-my-own-damn-retirement-song

Masshole in Paradise. https://youtu.be/TkFsxR6Cvfw

Hawaii Blues. https://youtu.be/F5hvX15uWpk

Songs Written Since My Retirement in July 2018

Home to Boston. https://youtu.be/bEuUfmJ2xS4

New Lyrics to “O Canada”. https://youtu.be/RPsnuoWfUmI

25th Amendment. https://youtu.be/hRUm_4fXgpE

Space Force Anthem. https://youtu.be/pnYidPIAijA

Change Can’t Wait (with Ayanna Pressley). https://youtu.be/Nlc4q0vbl18 I had the pleasure of hearing new Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in December. Here's a link to the video. I gave her a copy of the video of the performance of this song at ROM. I'm calling it a co-write with Ayanna, because I used her words for most of the song.

New Lyrics to “Wasn’t That a Might Storm” (Hawaii version) (hopefully coming soon)

Other Recent Videos and Audio Recordings

Double Yodel by Lou and Peter Berryman. https://youtu.be/ZxATmujolDY

"All Along the Watchtower", Bob Dylan cover, performed by Chris Lee. https://youtu.be/uMliXp4Ekv0

"My Island", Doug Lapham cover, performed by Chris Lee. https://youtu.be/oK9myEluIlw

“Ride On” by Rick Goggin. https://youtu.be/F3j-P4bJFlA

"Funny How Life Works Out That Way" by Chris Lee. https://youtu.be/WUWnB7JYgg4


2018: It's here! I've posted "OPEN MIKE – The Musical" – the video on my "folk mike delaney" YouTube channel. Here's the link:


This is a video of the performance of "OPEN MIKE – The Musical" at Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) on 12/11/18. There are 18 songs and 3 poems by me, performed by ROM Regulars, plus "Mandolaney" by Barry Spiro, a parody "On and On" by Charlie Ortolani, "There's a Light on the Hill" by Mel Green, and a medley of holiday songs by Neal Braverman as "The Jewish Elf".

You can check out all the songs and info on my OMTM page using the link at the left or http://www.mikedelaney.org/omtm.html.

You can download the official poster here (thanks, Sue Petersen).

Open Mike - The Musical


Here are some more videos, starting with "Drone Force Song", a parody of "Wild Blue Yonder". Next is "Friends", written for Joan, my wife of 45 years. Finally, a new video of "The Hunk", my autobiographical favorite.

Hear are live recordings of "I Remember Blue", "Back in the Day of Whitey", "Colonoscopy", "Half of My Brain", and "Proud to be a ROMulin" for all the ROMulines at Roslindale Open Mike (ROM).

My CD: "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water", is here! You can see a video of the whole CD release party performance here, or search YouTube for Folkmikedelaney. Or you can buy a CD direct from me using the Buy Now button below. $10 and free shipping. It's also on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, etc.


Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water.

14 songs on the theme of Boston Harbor and water

$10. Free Shipping.

Boston Harbor front coverBoston Harbor back cover

“Mike Delaney…embodies the whole spirit of our community of folk musicians in Massachusetts… Everybody loves him.” — Marilyn Rae Beyer, former host and music director on Boston Folk Radio, WUMB 91.9 FM.

"Mike Delaney's new album, Evening News, is right up there with the best in the tradition of folk music as a vehicle for protest and information.  A modern-day troubadour with a great feel for good lyrics!"--Penny Nichols, singer, composer, producer and educator.

"Mike is a solid songwriter who takes the stage with comfort, warmth, humanity, and ease"--David Roth, (ww.davidrothmusic.com).


"This is the most important song ever written!" --Maura Kennedy, speaking of "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy" as she invited Mike to play this song in her solo set at a recent concert of The Kennedys (www.kennedysmusic.com).


"Mike Delaney is a great friend to many, a creative singer/songwriter and a marvelous performer. I am a huge fan of Pete & Maura Kennedy. I book them as often as possible in MA. "I Wanna Be Maura Kennedy" is a delightful romp, well executed, with great humor. Both Mike & Maura were great sports. I'm glad I enjoyed it with my morning coffee. Warmly, Mike "Mad Dog" Landers P.S. I wanna be Maura Kennedy, Too."--Michael R. Landers, Plymouth musician and concert producer.


"You have funny good stuff going on"--Pastor Mustard, host of "The Bluegrass with Mustard Show" on Aspen Public Radio


"Mike is one of best songwriters around, and he is also the host of the tremendous Roslindale Open Mike."--Dan Cloutier, singer-songwriter and host of the Amazing Things open mike.


"Mike Delaney is the Leon Russell of the 21st century"--Barry Spiro, singer-songwriter.

What "they" are saying about "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water":

"EVEN though Mike's new CD "Boston Harbor" came to me $1.21 postage due, I figured it was worth a buck and a quarter (keep the change) to see what he was up to this time around.  Thanks to the liner notes I now know what Mike's day job is, but you never ask these questions of other musicians when you see them.  You just listen to the music (he's a fine and prolific songwriter) and take it from there.  Mike is always someone I'm interested to hear.  With this disk I continue to be.  I've got three more words for Mike: "Weigh the package".--David Roth, www.davidrothmusic.com, fantastic singer, songwriter, performer, and inspirational humanitarian.

"When Mike Delaney is not busy making the Boston Harbor safe for all the various gilled and finned creatures and swimmers and making sure the water that comes to your house has nothing other than water in it he is busy being a pretty darn good songwriter and performer. Mike's new CD "BOSTON HARBOR: No longer dirty water" is my favorite of his so far.  Some of the songs are very touching and some are very funny.  Mike is a great parody writer, but his serious songs are great as well.   Mike also covers some nice songs on this CD. I am particularly fond of #9.  Go out and buy this recording. " -- John Ferullo, writer of "Harbor Town".

"I got a kick out of your CD very clever.  You’ll have to some sort of MWRA/DCR performance.  Maybe on top of the digesters with your band kind of like the Beatles Get Back roof top performance.--Bill Pula, Superintendent of the Quabbin Reservoir for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

"I finally had an opportunity to listen to your music on the CD that you left at my office.   Thanks for thinking of me.  I never knew you had "chops".  Nice sound and interesting lyrics.   And I'd be remiss not to mention the powder blue tux.......reminiscent of my high school senior prom.  It's good to know that there are other renaissance guys out there."--Dr. Mark Nankin, Mike's dentist.

"Charlie Button sent me a copy of Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water. WOW! I got such a huge kick out of it. Great job—very clever and a lot of fun. I think “Scum” might be my favorite. All the songs brought back so many great memories. We all changed the course of history, didn’t we? I still use the lessons from my days at MWRA every day."--Elisa Speranza, formerly of MWRA.

"Hey Mike thanks for sending the new cd along. Funny! You're  a very clever writer, as well as a fine player, and your heart is not only in the right place, it's in the right time, too.  We need you!"--Bennett Hammond, distinguished musician, songwriter, and philosopher. Used without permission.

"The tunes are great fun to listen to...I especially enjoyed the cover track (it's so Mike Delaney!) the Eels song (I remember seeing thousands of them crawl up the Lawrence Dam in one great wriggling collumn-like mass when I was a kid), and the MF Daisy cover song, which reminds me (conceptually) of Harry Nilsson's "Think About Your Troubles" which may actually make a good Mike Delaney cover."--Elizabeth Kennett, musician, songwriter, and graphic artist.


Even more buzz about Mike...

Mike's CD "Evening News" has been characterized by bardicfox of Columbus, Ohio on ebay as "Filk"!!!

"More agreeable than an electrical buzz from a bad transformer!” --Davis Sweet, the world’s foremost authority.


eveningnewscover.jpg  Img118.png(Compositions by Elizabeth Kennett.)      mike delaney (photo by ken porter).png(Photo by Ken Porter)

Hey, Java Jo's

Mike's CD, "Hey, Java Jo's" is a tribute to Ana Eder-Mulhane, the long-time host of Java Jo's and all the performers over the years. You can get more info on his CD page. "1-800-CONFESS", "Evening News", and "A Little Sun; A Little Rain, are, of course, still available.

Subscribe to the Mike Delaney newsletter to receive occasional emails on Mike's gigs and other news by emailing Mike at mike@mikedelaney.org.

Welcome to MikeDelaney.org! (DOT.ORG because he is a non-profit.)

Mike Delaney is a Boston-area singer-songwriter and part of the music group "New England Weather" (www.neweather.com). He has been performing around New England for over ten years, including three times at the Boston Folk Festival. He has opened for Kevin So, David Roth, Les Sampou, Richard Berman, Dave Crossland, Terry Kitchen and Michael Troy. With others he has opened for Chris and Meredith Thompson, Marc Douglas Berardo, Ferron and Terence Martin. He has been fortunate to play mandolin, guitar, or sing harmony at concerts, coffeehouses, festivals, camps, and open mikes with a number of people, including Guy Davis, Kate Campbell, Bennett Hammond, John Kirk, Mary Flower, Patti DeRosa, Beth DeSombre, and many others.   

Mike's humorous original songs and parodies cover a wide range of topics from himself ("The Hunk" and "Mando Tango") to the entire country ("If We Only Had a Brain"). In between are excursions into the world of natural science ("Tofu, the Vegan Killer Whale"), literature ("Daddy, Who's Mark Twain?"), automated phone systems ("1-800-CONFESS"), women's health ("Mammogram, M'am?"), sports ("Red Sox Dream"), the oxymoronic business of folk music ("I'm changing my name to DOT.COM" and "The Naked Open Mic"), parts of the human anatomy ("Colonoscopy", "Bare Midriff"), and, of course, his raging ego ("It Is, In Fact, All About Me").

He has been deemed an "accomplished amateur" by Marilyn Rae Beyer, the music director of WUMB, Boston Folk Radio, and Tom Paxton commented that at least one of his songs was "not bad". Anne Hills called the song 1-800-CONFESS  "brilliant"!

Mike's debut CD "1-800-CONFESS" was released inn 2006. His second CD, with New England Weather, was released in 2007. "Evening News" was released in  2008. "Hey, Java Jo's" was released in 2010. His latest CD, "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water" was released in 2013.

His song "Peace Through War" has been number 1 on Neil Young's "Living With War Today" song compilation for several weeks and in the top 10 for a number of weeks. He eco-bluegrass (green grass?) song, "Trash This Planet" was included on the "Step It Up 2007" web page (www.stepitup2007.org). "Low Carb" was regarded as one of the "best new climate songs" by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock (www.ecoshock.org) and "Colonoscopy" was played on the The Dr. Demento show.


Img60.jpg(Photo by Bryce Flynn)


Mike's old news has been moved to his BLOG page.


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