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OPEN MIKE - The Musical (OMTM)

“OPEN MIKE – The Musical” – the Video

It’s here! I’ve posted “OPEN MIKE – The Musical” – the video on my “folk mike delaney” YouTube channel. Here’s the link:


This is a video of the performance of “OPEN MIKE – The Musical” at Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) on 12/11/17. There are 18 songs and 3 poems by me, performed by ROM Regulars, plus “Mandolaney” by Barry Spiro, a parody “On and On” by Charlie Ortolani, “There’s a Light on the Hill” by Mel Green, and a medley of holiday songs by Neal Braverman as “The Jewish Elf”.


“OPEN MIKE – The Musical” is a guerilla performance of a musical secretly imbedded in a long-standing open mike night. In about 20 songs over the course of the evening, and with the efforts of at least 20 cast members, it captures the vitality and diversity of a vital open mike, and its host, Deal Makerman. It tells the story of how two newbies meet and start a life partnership when each accidently leaves with the other’s guitar. And also the burning desire of open mike diva, Alla Boutme, for her secret flame, Open Mike. Finally, it closes the ninth year of the Roslindale Open Mike and sets the stage for a lively tenth season in 2018.


  • I Wish by Alla Boutme
  • What Will I Play by Open Mike
  • Three Chairs to the Setup Crew by Constant-Lee
  • Opening Announcements (Ode to Deal) by Deal Makerman
  • Welcome, Newbies! by Deal Makerman
  • Redd Planet (spoken word) by Words That Flatter Me
  • The “WOO” People by the Millie-Murphy Band 
  • The Scary Poet (spoken word) by Redd Planet
  • Must Be Donald (sing-along) by Never Sour (and a chorus of singers)
  • ‘Twas the Night Before ROM (spoken word) by Run Around Sue
  • Mandolaney by Smiley Spirals
  • The Jewish Elf by Neal Braverman
  • There’s a Light on the Hill by Mel Green
  • Wrong Guitar (duet) by She and He
  • Harmony (duet) by She and He

The Feature

  • “On and On”, a parody by Chummy Notes-Aplenty, with Basso Profundo
  • Oh, No, It’s a Banjo! by Chummy Notes-Aplenty and Open Mike
  • “The Band” takes the stage:

Open Mike
Chummy Notes-Aplenty
Sticks Poker
The A-to-Z Man
Mo Calm Demeanor

  • 95% (of what open mikers say is wrong)
  • I’m the Banger (Open Mike Archetypes).
  • Pass the Hat
  • I Love Open Mike (a side story) by Alla Boutme
  • Closing Song: The Song Goes On Forever with a chorus of thousands
  • The Open Mike continues...forever...

Cast (in approximate order of appearance)

  • Alla Boutme/Carolyn Rundquist and Purple Beard/David Walther
  • Handsome NoFat/Branson Bofat
  • Constant-Lee/Chris Lee
  • Deal Makerman/Neal Braverman
  • Deal Makerman and Mrs. Makerman/Chris Ricco and Nancy Madanick
  • Words That Flatter Me/Johnny Flaherty
  • Millie-Murphy Band (Ken Porter, Bo Veaner, John Zaia)
  • Redd Planet/Ed Banatt
  • Never Sour/Karen Sauer (and a chorus of singers)
  • Run Around Sue/Sue Petersen
  • Smiley Spirals/Barry Spiro
  • Mel Green as himself
  • Neal Braverman as The Jewish Elf
  • She and He (on stage)/Junko Ogawa and Rick Goggin
  • She and He (acting) Ana Eder-Mulhane and Chris Morgan
  • Chummy Notes-Aplenty/Charlie Ortolani
  • Basso Profundo/Chip Canty
  • Open Mike/Mike Delaney
  • Alla Boutme/Patricia Nedder
  • “The Band”:

Sticks Poker/Ken Porter
   Mo Calm Demeanor/Bo Veaner
The A-to-Z Man/John Zaia

  • All the rest of the Open Mikers and Audience
  • Behind the Scenes

Steve Friedman
King Yee
All the Helpers


“OPEN MIKE – The Musical”, the Rosinbag Open Mike, the Roslindale Open Mike, and all open mikes are labors of love. You can’t have a successful open mike without volunteers, musicians, poets, and “civilians”, who create the atmosphere or a nurturing and supportive environment. I encourage you to get out and be a part of the scene.

This “Grand Finale” for the 2017 season celebrates nine years of the Roslindale Open Mike, www.roslindaleopenmike.org. And it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Neal Braverman (aka Deal Makerman). He is all things for all people!

This debut, and final performance, of “OPEN MIKE – The Musical” has, in a sense, been decades in preparation. But songs and poems were written over the past several years. Open Mike (aka Mike Delaney) realized that he had been working that would go together in the Open Mike theme. Then it kind of snowballed and here we are tonight. I love open mike!

This wouldn’t be possible without the willingness of the cast to be assigned a song and prepare to perform it from the stage. You’re the best!

Thank you to King Yee for the video, Steve Friedman for the audio, Sue Petersen for the graphics and program, and all the ROM regulars for being performers, supporters, or inspiration.

"There's a Light on the Hill" by Mel Green (© MelGreen Publishing, BMI).
©All Rights Reserved, 2017. Mike Delaney, www.mikedelaney.org.



Download the official poster here (by Sue Petersen).

The debut, and final, performance of OMTM will be at Roslindale Open Mike on December 11, 2017. I've posted the songs and dialog here so that performers can learn their parts. See below for the Dialog, Synopsis, Schedule, and Cast Notes.

Song Order for the performance:

  1. Overture (recording) Not done yet. Lyrics.
  2. I Wish by Alla Boutme. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  3. What Will I Play? by Open Mike (that’s me!). Lyrics. ROM.
  4. “Three Chairs” to the Setup Crew. Lyrics. MP3. ROM. Video.
  5. Welcome - Opening Announcements (Ode to Deal Makerman). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  6. Welcome, Newbies! by Deal Makerman. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  7. Redd Planet (spoken word). Lyrics. MP3.
  8. The “WOO” people. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  9. The Scary Poet (spoken word). Lyrics.
  10. Must Be Donald. Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  11. 'Twas the Night Before ROM. Lyrics. ROM.
  12. Mandolaney by Smiley Spirals. MP3.
  13. Wrong Guitar (duet) by She and He. Lyrics. MP3.
  14. Harmony (duet) by She and He. Lyrics. MP3.

Chummy Notes-Aplenty plays a song right here...then he’s joined on the stage by Open Mike (that's me!)

  1. Oh, No, It’s a Banjo! by Chummy Notes-Aplenty (Chummy and Open Mike). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  2. I Love Open Mike (a side story) by Alla Boutme. (the band). Lyrics. MP3.ROM.
  3. 95% (of what open mikers say is wrong) (the band). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.
  4. Pass the Hat (the band). Lyrics. MP3.
  5. I’m the Banger (Open Mike Archetypes) (the band). Lyrics. ROM.
  6. Closing Song: The Song Goes On Forever) (the band). Lyrics. MP3. ROM.

<<<The Feature is the end of OMTM, though the Open Mike goes on (forever).>>>

Cast Notes are here.

Dialog is here.

Schedule is here.

Synopsis is here.

OMTM poster
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