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Drift Card Form
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Please enter your drift card information here.
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Location Description:*
Geographic coordinates are helpful. Please give the town, state, and the beach you found the car. The more detail the better. If you are relating the location to landmarks, please roughly estimate distances and orientation (e.g., "The card was found on the shore about a mile west of Diamond Head.")

Date Found:*
The date when you found the card. Please write out the name or abbreviation of the month to avoid ambiguity (e.g., "January" or "Jan" instead of "1").

Any other comments or notes you'd like to add. We are interested to know the condition of the card, and if any organisms (such as barnacles or seaweed) were attached to it.

Acknowledgement: This study is funded by NOAA's National Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species Program and this page is modeled after: http://archive.orr.noaa.gov/drifter.html

The information submitted will remain private and only be used for this study.

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