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Updated: 8-14-05


Accomplished Amateur<= o:p>

All Things For All Pe= ople

Amazing Grace Medley<= o:p>

Amazing Grace Medley = (Blue version)

Annie's Song

Bald Is Beautiful

Barbie Ellen

Bare Midriff

Ben Franklin (DADGAD)=

Be The Box (The Tao o= f Cube)

Blender Song

Blue States

Burnt Coffee Blues (Anti-S___ucks)

Captain Bob

Cathy Dooley

Chapel at Geneva Point Center

Chapter 48 (Am)<= /o:p>

Cheaters on the Track=

Circle of Song

Classical Grass (Impr= obable Bluegrass Medley)

Clear Channel is Grea= t

Collecting Dust<= /o:p>


Comfy Chair

Country Drive

CSI Baghdad

Daddy, Who's Mark Twa= in (DADGAD)

Deb's Lab-Holiday

Dear Diary=

Dick Song<= /span>

Don’t Send Men<= o:p>

Do Over

Early Bird Open Mic

Early Retirement Mini= -Opera

Empty Driveway

(The) End of Men=

Evil Villain Jingle


Fifty-five Hours with= Britney

First Open Mike<= /o:p>

Flabby Cat=

For Marilyn (I hope y= ou like my song)

G’DAE AIDA (Dr. Delaney’s Mandolin)

Give Me ♮♮ Some Rests

Grand! (Things Marily= n Likes)

Greatest Hits and Oth= er Bonus Tracks

Half of My Brain (C)<= o:p>

Hard To Let Go

Harriet Tubman –= ; Keep Going (unfinished)

Has Anybody Seen Osam= a (C)

Hearing In Tongues

Homefries in Heaven

Hoppin’ John

The Hunk (C, capo 2)<= o:p>

Hydration – Uri= nation

If We Only Had the Ne= rve (C) (If I Only Had a Brain)

I Hate Men=

I Love My Pet

I Remember Blue<= /o:p>

I'm Changing My Name = to DOT.COM (G)

I’m Dreaming of= a Red New Year

I’m Not a Poet = (a poem)

I’m On Your Tea= m

Inscriptions (poem)

It Is, In Fact, Alway= s About Me

Java Jo's Open Mic Bl= ender Bender Blues

Java Jo's Rap

Jesus Has The Blues

Jimmy Four Door (C)

Jingle Bells Rearrang= ement
Julie Rose

John Ferullo

Kept Man

Knocking Off Robert's= Song

Last Lab Animal Polka=

Last Night on George&= #8217;s Bank

Lazy, Arrogant Singer-Songwriter

Legend of Lisa Wong

Life went On

Living My Life Backwa= rds

Locked Away

Low Carb


Mammogram M'am?<= /o:p>

Mando Tango

Management Things (Em= )

Marc Duvall Vamp=

Mary Under Glass=

Massive Boxes (G, Cap= o 2)

(I Wanna Be) Maura Ke= nnedy

MCAS Blues=

(The) Meaning of Life=

(The) Meek Shall Inhe= rit the Earth

Molasses Flows In Geo= logic Time

Mr. & Mrs. Candid= ate (C, capo 2)

MWRA Song<= /span>

My First Lady (One-Ac= t Folk Opera)

My First Song

My Reality Show<= /o:p>

My Screw Driver<= /o:p>

My Viagra Racing Jack= et

My Wife

Naked Open Mic

Nature’s Museum=

New Cape Cod

New England Weather (= theme song)

New England Weather (= She changes like the)

No More Parodies=

No More Prisons<= /o:p>

No Longer Dirty Water= / I Love Unfiltered Water

Nothing Better to Do<= o:p>

No Waltzing with Walt= er

One Man One Woman

On Google I’m E= leven

Open Mic at Java Jo's=

Patience Is a Virtue<= o:p>

Peace Through War

Pete’s Banjo

Perfect Jam Song=

Perfect Song (C)=

Pissin' in the Wind

(The) Planet Shook

(The) Poet (a poem)

Profiles (Em)

Quabbin’s Long-Forgotten Grave

Rails of Death

Recipe for Disaster

Red Sox Dream

Rise Up Singing<= /o:p>

Run Far, Fly High

Sacred Grounds

Scratch Ticket Blues<= o:p>


Shed a Tear for Mir

Singer-Songwriter Con= sultant

Singing You To Sleep<= o:p>


Soccer Mom and Dad

Somatopsycic (unfinis= hed)

Sound Check

Speed of Dark


Spy On Your Neighbor<= o:p>

Stage Fright Blues

Survivor Theme

Talkin’ Mission Accomplis= hed

Terror Rainbow (C)

This Lab is Your Lab<= o:p>

Title IX Open Mic

Tofu the Vegan Killer= Whale

United We Sing (D, Ca= po 2)


Water’s Cycles<= o:p>

We’re A Jug Ban= d

We Watch Another Hero= Die (Such a Waste)

What's In a Name (C)<= o:p>

Who Can Fill The Role= of Nicole

Who Cares About A Son= g

Who Wants to be a Folk= Singer--I do, I do, I do, Talkin' Blues

(The) World Is My Por= k Chop

You’ve Got Spam= !